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The 6 Tips That Will Help You Master The Balancing Act


I have lived it.

I have survived it.

I have loved it all…but not always

Best of all…I own it.

Living a large life has afforded me an intense opportunity to grow. Through the people I meet and my life and career experiences I have grown to appreciate just what it means to be resilient and live with purpose. And to be well liked and respected.

She’s The Bos is dedicated to leadership – leadership of our lives not just careers and in business. It’s all about creating an impact and channelling your inner strength in moments when others would turn back.

Business is all about people.

People do business with people and will do more business with people they like. We live in incredible times of opportunity and of connectedness. She’s The Bos creates a medium for women all around the nation to not only seize opportunities, but also to create them.


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